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Trading From Home
During A Pandemic

What happens if traders can’t get to the office or even leave home? How can you keep trading?

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Home Solution


Trading System Support (TSS) has created a solution for our customers that allows traders to work from any location and still be in contact with counter-parties through their regular private wires and phone links. All that’s needed is a computer to run a soft-turret application, an internet connection and a headset. Calls are recorded just as if they were on the trading floor, so there are no issues for compliance.


  • Setup in as little as 1 hour
  • Trade from home or any location with internet access
  • PC based application for voice trading
  • Receive all calls diverted from your turret
  • Share private wires from home with your turret
  • Speaker-channel, hoot and intercom functionality
  • Bluetooth voice
  • Recording centrally
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To Get Started,
We Just Need To Know The Following:

Number Of

Number Of DDI's Required Each

Number Of Private Wires Required Each

Number Of
Headsets Each

Once We Receive The Information,
We Will Send You A Quote/Agreement To Get Started

Call +44 (0) 20 7118 1061 or email me at 

to find out how your traders could be up & running from home in less than 1 hour